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Welcome to the ERG Portal

A multi-disciplinary research group for the study of the endocannabinoids and endogenous bioactive fatty acid amides

The Endocannabinoid Research Group (ERG) is a multi-disciplinary research group established in 1995 and based in the laboratories of several Institutes of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and of Universities in the Naples and Salerno area. The subjects of the scientific (both basic and applied) research carried out by this group are the Endocannabinoids, and the Bioactive Amides of Long Chain Fatty Acids.
Our aim is to contribute to the understanding of:

  • The biological functions played by these emerging small molecules in animal organisms;

  • The mechanisms by which they are produced and metabolized and how to control them pharmacologically;

  • Their involvement in the onset, progress and symptoms of diseases, in order to develop new therapeutic drugs.

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